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Refreshing Towels Manufacturing

Sugar stick, refreshing towels and more. is your partner of packing and advertising materials.
We as are one of biggest suppliers of top-quality advertising materials that has individual advertising printing. We manufacture sugar stick and refreshing towels for catering industry, café, hotels, restaurants, companies and event industry. We put raw material obtained from top-quality materials in different size of sticks and printed packages. Above all, our costumers value everything from quick preparation of orders to delivery with free design service, personal advice and customer services.

Sugar stick with logo: The sweetest advertisement you wish for.

Give your costumers a sweet service. Your personal logo is placed on sugar stick as a advertisement pattern and therefore every sugar becomes a small advertisement. To see, to feel, to smell, to taste. What else can your costumers and guests experience someting positive and meaningful? The sugar stick which has your advertisement on has different usages. Airline companies, hotels, hospitals, catering companies and other big companies prefer sugar stick packed hygienically as well as restaurants, event organizations, cafés, motels, snack bars and patisseries. However, printed sugar stick is used a lot more than before for private customers, wedding ceremonies, anniversary parties or birthday parties or engagement organizations and is being discovered as a special decoration. Discover our sugar sticks with logo.

For a good sensation and fragrance, discover refreshing towels.

Refreshing wet wipes with logo is quite practical and really helpful in daily life. Therefore, a lot of people love to use this advertisement material and it doesn’t go to waste like many other advertisement tools. Thanks to our wide range formats, packaging materials and fragrances, you can put wet wipes into a form with logo according to your needs. Package design is always free for our costumers in orders of refreshing towels manufacturing. Besides it removes dirt and oil properly, wet wipes should smell good. Refreshing towels is skin-friendly and it is important for us. The materials we use are appropriate for new tissues and sensitive skins because we stay away from alcohol which harms and dries skin. You can search for all wet wipe models here.
We present promotional items in the following sectors:
  • Gastronomy
  • Chains of restaurants and cafés
  • Trading company
  • Organizators
  • Every business
  • Catering companies
  • Hotels and motels
  • Every main customer present printed products for advertisement:

FAQ About Refreshing Towels Manufacturing

We accept payment via money remittance/EFT to our bank account or credit card on our website

Delivery time takes 15 days for companies ordering for the first time. Delivery time takes 10 days for the second time. However, it can be less according to workload. Repeated orders is usually made quicker.

Stated delivery time is always valid after confirmation of printing/color or design. Besides, delivery time can be extended in busy periods such as new year because of usage of high capacity.

There is no refund, because orders are made to measure.

Sustainable usage of natural resources is of course a important topic for us, not just a marketing tool. Our production departmant is optimized to ecological criteria as far as possible.

Minimum order quantity depends on product. Minimum order quantity is placed in concerned product from options.

Stated shelf life can only be guaranteed as long as it is stored properly. Considering features of products, keeping storage space dry and cool is crucial.

Shelf life is placed in explanation section in concerned product.

Print file format: CDF, EPS, Al or PDF to be printed. Preferred file format: PDF. Digital printing: Please send images (with colored or grey scale) at least 300 dpi, 1200 dpi with line charts (bitmaps), in CMYK as a original file and logos preferably in form of vector data (.eps files).

Only embedded objects cant be treated well, so please provide original image data.

Flexographic printing: We need vector graphics for printing of logo etc. If you don’t have vector file, our graphics designer can do vectorization for you for free.

It is a standard and free check by our graphics designer in case of printer’s error. This check is to make sure if it is proper for printing. Detection of writing or design errors in content is our customers’ responsibility.

We reduce color distortion successfully by training our employees and by using state of art technology. But we don’t guarantee 100% success.

The most common problem is demonstration of colors on screen. Demonstration on screen works in RGB color model and shows more different than it is printed. When conversion is being made in printing format, color distortion may sometimes occur.

Your order is confirmed based on your payment. After that, you will get a stencil printing from us to check and confirm. With your confirmation of stencil printing sent, your order is triggered and we start production.